Photography: Natural Beauty

Model: Stephanie Yanez @stepachu
Project: HAF Records | Album Cover
MUA: Lili Belle @lilibellecandy

See music video here.
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Commitment for the Perfect Shot

I am relentless in obtaining the perfect shot- from setting up pre-production work, obtaining permission, and bringing all of the necessary equipment.

Model: Beari King @burbeari
Project: Oto Oto Express Promotion
See fashion video here.

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Photography: Events

To market your future events, you need to obtain as much content and media as possible for your current one. I focus on taking only the best and most flattering photos for your event and also deliver them same day.

Project: The Great Wall Red Carpet Event
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Producing, Directing, Editing

I am a one-man team capable of handling multiple tasks and objectives. I am absolutely committed in delivering successful projects, on-time, and under budget.

Dokipress @dokipress
Project: Company Promotional Video

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Audio Mastering

I utilize advanced technologies to isolate good audio from a noisy source, utilizing advanced techniques and technologies.

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The Doll Life Story

Myx TV presents a deeper story behind #TheDollLife, where Cyril Lumboy shares her experiences about the show, her friends, and her adventures.

Posted by Myx TV on Thursday, 23 March 2017

Short Documentaries

I specialize in whimsical, beautiful documentaries that tells a story and allows you to share it with the world.

Cyril Lumboy @dolldelight
Project: Myx TV – The Doll Life Story

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In-house Videography Equipment

I own photos cameras, video cameras, stabilizers, microphones and jigs to capture the footage needed to produce content whether its for a documentary, music video, or promotional video.

All my gear is in-house and owned. I do not rent any equipment.

Music Videos

I enjoy producing simple, beautiful videos that match the theme and feel of the music played. This video was shot in three hours and delivered on the same day.

Stephanie Yanez @stephachu
Project: HAF Records Music Video

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Fashion Videos

I am adept at promoting the look, feel, and style of the products that you wish to promote; the image you wish to portray. With one day, a few tools, and motivated models, we can create something extraordinary in a fraction of typical production times.

Japan Lover Me @japanloverme
Project: Burbeari Sukajan Featured Video

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Mobile Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Advanced Event Livestreams

Utilizing advanced networking, streaming, video, and audio technologies, my team and I are capable of broadcasting live events onto multiple platforms in 1080P 30fps quality almost anywhere in the world. Overlays, logos, and lower third titling are all possible.

Myx TV @myxtv Mom vs Matchmaker Livestream Q&A
Project: Myx TV Live Stream

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Event Coverage and Editing

I am capable of covering events, editing, and showcasing the best of what your project has to offer. Agile, turnkey, and complete with even royalty free audio selection.

Arcane Maid Cafe at AkibaFest 2016 @aniplexusa
Project: AkibaFest 2016

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Company & Event Promotional Videos

From voice actors, simple transition and cuts: I can record, edit, and produce engaging videos that highlight your company or event with quick turnaround times.

AkibaFest hosted by @animeplexusa
Project: AkibaFest 2016

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Event Production

I several years of experience in producing successful events with full stage, sounds, and DMX lighting. This includes pre-production work: location scouting, team management, safety, and planning. All equipment is internally owned.

Arcane Maid Cafe, a sub-project of Anime Impulse @arcanecafe
Project: Anime Impulse Maid Cafe

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