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  • Level: Formidable

I have been a professional photographer since 2017 and have been involved in many projects requiring fast turnaround with specific guidelines. I’m adept with all Nikon, Sony, and Canon cameras and use a Canon 5D Mark IV as my main camera and a Canon 80D for my auxiliary camera. I specialize in event photos and portraiture photography with natural or strobe lighting.

I guarantee a minimum usable photo count, with 90% usability with no post, with a maximum of 4-hour turnaround per 1,000 photos.

Event Production

  • Level: Capable

I have produced dozens of events since 2016, ranging from music events, cafe pop-ups, and cultural festivals. I have planned marketing strategies, obtained permits, designed layouts, and delivered fantastic events throughout Southern California. I also happen to own and operate an event production company:


  • Level: Formidable

I specialize in promotional videos and event reels. I am also capable in setting up interviews, livestreams, and creating trailers. My style of editing aims to evoke excitement and the willingness to share the content to help market the brand, product, or event. My video gear of choice involves a RED Scarlet 4K, Canon 5D Mark IV, 3-Axis Gimbals, and a Manfrotto Fluid-head monopod.

Super Saiyan Showdown

January 2018
Approximate views: 330,000+
Written and directed by Drewlastname


  • Dragon Ball Fighterz
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Event Coverage
  • Event Reel

©️2018 Copyright Funimation Productions, Ltd.
Photographed for Funimation Productions, Ltd.

Curry House Gudetama

October 2017
Approximate views: 83,000+
Produced, directed, edited by Drewlastname


  • Curry House
  • Gudetama
  • Viral Food Video

©️2018 Copyright Doki Press. All Rights Reserved.

AkibaFest 2016

October 2016
Approximate views: 7,000+
Produced, directed, edited by Drewlastname


  • AkibaFest 2016
  • Arcane Maid Cafe
  • Promotional Video
  • Animated Text

©️2018 Copyright Doki Press. All Rights Reserved.

Digital Design

  • Level: World Class

I have developed, designed, and delivered hundreds of package designs, instruction sets, brand designs, logos, and websites. My featured designs have been sold to over 120 countries over the world, and have sold over 3+ million units. My product designs have been featured by ToysRus (Geoffrey, Inc.), The Right Start, One Step Ahead, and Walmart. For 2009 I was given the Geoffrey, Inc’s Design and Vendor of the year award.

Project Development

  • Level: World Class

I’ve conceptualized, designed, and delivered several successful projects with a high success rate. All projects have been delivered within expected goals, under budget, and on-time. Each project developed has it’s own budget, team, marketing strategies, brand development, website, and infrastructure. All projects are internal without 3rd party involvement or contractors.

Programming (Languages)

  • Level: Capable

I’ve formally studied and used various programming languages throughout my career, and have used them in live environments to a great degree of success. Below is a list of programming languages that I am able to work with.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Windows Powershell
  • Python


Below is a heavily censored screenshot of a virtual machine running four open-source scripts running Python for assisted automation utilizing an API. The python scripts are automatically scheduled to run at specific times, in a staggered time-frame.

Software & Hardware Stack

  • Level: Formidable

I am a CCNA, A+, CompTIA Sec+, and classically trained IT professional who has consulted for over 20 companies for their technology solutions, with a great degree of success. Although I am unable to disclose the companies due to non-disclosure agreements, please refer to this website to get an idea:

This website uses the same technology as described

Below are some of the hardware and software brands I utilize for internal projects and for clients.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

  • Level: Formidable

I am proficient with every product of Google’s marketing platform, and especially adept with using AdWords, Adsense, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Merchant Solutions. I am also capable of standard SEO strategies such as internal/external linking, content creation, social signals, link building, article submission, and more.

Case Study

This project initially ranked on the 6th page of Google, with a Trust Flow and Citation Flow of 0. In two months, the website dominated the search results competing against two other established brands of the same name and achieved a PR of 3+ with high trust-flow backlinks from .gov and .edu domains. Social signals and creative content also played a critical role in achieve 4-5 top SERP placements.

Tested on

  • Google Version 68.0.3440.84 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Incognito Mode
  • U.S. Class C network IP address

Social Marketing

  • Level: Formidable

Utilizing the latest strategies to promote growth on Facebook and Instagram, I am currently managing dozens of accounts for organic growth, maintaining a minimum engagement rate of 7% per post. Training influencers in developing a rhythm and guidelines for content creation, along with efficient automation of cross-posting technologies, I am able to grow social accounts exponentially and organically without the use of comment pods, engagement groups, or power likes.

Case Study

A few post reach results from marketing campaigns on Facebook, with breakthrough engagement similar to those of viral content but with high converting content.

Contact me

Please tell me about your brand, project, or event. I will be happy to collaborate, but please know I do not provide services for only equity or cross promotion. All collaborations must be known in an advance of at least a month.


Please Note

  • I am based in Los Angeles
  • I do not collaborate with associates of my competitors

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